What Are The Requirements For ACCA Membership?

Becoming a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a significant milestone for accounting professionals, signifying their commitment to excellence, integrity, and continuous professional development. ACCA in Abu Dhabi offers numerous benefits, including global recognition, networking opportunities, and access to resources for career advancement.

Completion of ACCA qualification:

The primary requirement for ACCA membership is the successful completion of the ACCA qualification. This entails passing all 13 ACCA exams, including the Applied Skills and Strategic Professional exams, as well as completing the Ethics and Professional Skills module. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in accounting, finance, taxation, audit, and other relevant areas of expertise to meet the rigorous standards set by ACCA.

Practical experience requirement (PER):

As well as academic qualifications, ACCA candidates must fulfill a practical experience requirement (PER) to become eligible for membership. The PER ensures that candidates have acquired relevant work experience and practical skills in accounting and finance that complement their academic knowledge. Candidates must complete a minimum of three years of supervised work experience in a relevant role, gaining exposure to a range of accounting tasks and responsibilities.

Ethics and professional skills module:

As part of the ACCA qualification, candidates must complete the ethics and professional skills module, which focuses on ethical behavior, professional values, and communication skills. This module focuses on the importance of integrity, objectivity, and professionalism in accounting practice, preparing candidates to uphold ethical standards and conduct themselves with integrity throughout their careers.

Submission of evidence and documentation:

To apply for ACCA membership, candidates must submit evidence and documentation to verify their eligibility, including transcripts of exam results, proof of practical experience, and completion of the Ethics and Professional Skills module. Candidates may also need to provide references or testimonials from employers or supervisors to support their application.

Payment of membership fees:

Upon meeting the requirements for ACCA membership, candidates are required to pay membership fees to become officially registered as ACCA members. Membership fees vary depending on factors such as location, membership category, and membership benefits. Once membership fees are paid, candidates gain access to a wide range of member benefits, including professional development resources, networking opportunities, and career support services.