How does an ICV certification work

This certification is same like the Abu Dhabi National Oil company (ADNOC) and (ICV) In-Country Value. This department has been introduced on 21st April 2019 which tells that all suppliers of goods and services related to any department of Abu Dhabi Government have authority to declare the certificate of ADV (Abu Dhabi Value). It shows their planning that what they are manufacturing or what kind of services they are providing to the people. ADV affect the any party wishing to directly or indirectly engage with the government.

The businessmen who are doing their business in Dubai are required to submit their ADV certification to the government. The main objective of this certification is to diversify the economic growth and creating the opportunities of jobs for the nationals in private sector. And by fulfilling the icv criteria in ADNOC’s evaluation process company will aim to nurture the international and local opportunities and how to improve the knowledge and how to create eh jobs for the nationals.

What are the good and services​

Well ADNOC is the well established company of oil and gas and it needs icv certification requirements. What are the aims of ADNOC here we are going to discuss:

  • To maximize the employment opportunities for UAE’s nationals in professional training and vocational, and to make these opportunities attractive for the UAE’s graduates and for technical schools for the nationals.
  • To maximize the expenses on services and goods in UAE for the nationals.
  • To maximize and develop the local produce material, like equipments and other products and maximize the value add in UAE, and introduce the new machinery and technologies and grow the export industry of UAE.
  • And develop the world’s best domestic capabilities in professional education and vocation education and introduced the tanning institutes which will help in industry.
  • Reward for the contractor who are agree to work in UAE either contract is for short term or long term.

Some benefits of ICV certification.

  • There is single online supplier registration system.
  • Database operation of oil and gas in UAE.
  • Business opportunities are easy.
  • Well exposure of UAE companies in international market.
  • Competencies could be increase for the customers.
  • Easy tracking system on ICV data.
  • Arrange the workshops for the nationals of UAE.

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