One of the biggest mistakes you can make when interior designing is not the fundamental rules in mind. If you’re not paying attention to these, you’re probably creating a space where you’ll be unable to express your style. While there are many fads, trends, and ways to decorate a room, it is important to follow a few basic principles to avoid making a mistake. Moreover, you can also get suggestions from professional interior design consultants in Dubai for receiving better results. 

First, consider the way people use the room.

Don’t push the pieces up against the walls when arranging your furniture. This can make the room seem too crowded and uncomfortable. Instead, move them away from the wall to have better balance. This is especially important if you’d like to create a place for conversations. Remember that if many people surround you, it’ll feel claustrophobic.

Keep the room light accessible:

Too much light in a dark room can result in an overcrowded look. Incorporate accent lighting or under-cabinet lighting for the kitchen or bathroom. Also, don’t hang art too high, especially if you’re not comfortable looking up at it. You should be able to sit at the artwork without straining your neck comfortably. If you want to make your room feel larger, it’s essential to consider the function of the space.

Make sure you leave a clear path through the room:

When choosing colors and furniture for your room, try to think about how you’ll access it. Do you want to climb over it? Is it possible to walk through it? Do you want to have to take an awkward route through your room? Make sure you leave a clear path through the room to reach it easily. In general, it’s best to stick to neutral colors and neutrals.

Choose large rugs for the room:

Large rugs can be a great way to create a cozy space in a bedroom. Choose a rug that sits directly in front of the bed and make it the room’s focal point. You should also leave a large amount of uncovered area on the rug so that the rest of the furniture can easily be placed around it. This way, it will not feel crowded, and it will be easy to relax.